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A Gun Control Group Scrutinizes And Grades Banks On Their Firearm Industry Dealings

A Gun Control Group Scrutinizes And Grades Banks On Their Firearm Industry Dealings

What’s popping in the Gun industry? Here’s the latest news in the firearm sector, from newly passed regulations to horrifying incidents where guns claimed innocent citizen lives and the efforts regulators are making to curb these shootings:

A firearm control group is scrutinizing banks and their dealings with gunmakers and ranking them accordingly

Guns Down America was founded in 2016 following the Pulse nightclub gunfire. And recently, they released a report card grading 15 commercial institutions. Quite a good number scored Fs, including the likes of Chase, TD Bank and Wells Fargo. The most self-controlled financial institution found to hand Gun merchant accounts lawfully was Citibank with a grade B.

Arizona road rage shootings kill a 10-year-old girl

Summerbell Brown was passaging along his father when a stranger from a car that had been tailing them sprayed gunshots at them as they pulled up in their Phoenix home last Wednesday. The young girl was fatally shot while her father was seriously injured. According to the police, neither driver knew the other. This was the second case of an alleged road rage shooting in Phoenix that same day: some hours earlier, two citizens were injured by stray bullets when one driver started shooting another.

The Texas Senate passed a law that allows school marshals to keep concealed guns

This new regulation would abolish the state requirement that the all armed staffs, whose identities are concealed to all but a bunch of local officials, lock their firearms on K-12 and junior institution campuses. In case the law is approved, schools will be free to choose whether they want their marshals armed or not.

Californian murder-suicide suspect had his firearms confiscated months earlier during a wellness diagnosis

According to Police, Richard Stewart, 76, used someone else’s gun to shoot his wife, Patricia, 75. The authorities had seized the perpetrator’s weapons during a welfare check in last year October when Patricia called 911 and reported that Stewart had threatened to murder them both. Relatives say Stewart was recently found with dementia.

Florida: Hundreds of teenagers gather at the state Capitol to demonstrate against the arming of teachers

 Students gathered in masses at Tallahassee to protest arming of teachers. Some of the protestors had lost siblings to the shootings like Robert Schentrup, 19, who’s 17-year-old sister was shot in the Parkland gunfire. According to him “some teachers are too short tempered to be allowed guns.”

A Republican Senator is sponsoring a federal bill that could force more states to set gun red flag rules.

Sen. Lindsey Graham has been actively fighting against firearms, he hosted an extreme-risk protection hearing last month, and recently publicized his vision with BuzzFeed News. Meanwhile, he is tabling talks with Connecticut’s Democrat Richard Blumenthal in a bid to make this new law bipartisan.

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